Japan is a very active earthquake country and in Tokyo, the fire department is making sure residents are ready for the next one. They do that by simulating natural disasters and catastrophic situations so when they do occur, people will think more clearly and react quicker leading to lives saved.
The Earthquake Simulator has programmed the exact seismic patterns of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake and the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Episode Contents
00:00 Start
00:52 Tokyo Disaster Learning Center
01:24 Liquefaction Simulator
01:51 Rain Storm / Typhoon Simulator
03:44 Interview
04:54 Earthquake Simulator
05:24 Magnitude vs Shindo Scale
06:34 Great Hanshin Earthquake M6.9 Shindo 7
08:55 Great Tohoku Earthquake M9.1 Shindo 7
10:52 How they do it?
11:57 My experience in 2011

▶︎ Where is the Tokyo Fire Department's Disaster Life Learning Center:

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